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Read our Frequently Asked Questions below

The full training course is designed to take four to six months. There may a be few candidates who will be able to complete the course sooner, but you should assume it is likely to take at least four months.

Batches are preferable but we are also prepared to cater for any individual needs. By creating batches, we also create a community of nurses who can support each other through the programme by forming study groups where desired.

An English language exam is needed (IELTs or OET) by the Home Office in order to work in the UK. IELTs is broad based and accepted in several countries. OET is more focused on medical areas and is more expensive than the IELTs.

Yes. It is needed for registration with the NMC (Nursing Medical council).

This is a test of your theoretical practice-based knowledge. The test consists of 120 multiple choice questions and can be taken in a test centre in your home country.

Candidates will have three attempts at the CBT as part of one application, with a minimum of ten days in between each sitting. It will be necessary to pass the CBT within six months of completing your eligibility. If the CBT is not completed within six months of finalising your eligibility it will expire, and candidates will need to complete the online self- assessment again.

If you are unsuccessful on your third attempt, your application will close, and you will need to wait six months in order to restart the application process.

The CBT tests are done online in a centre (Pearson Vue) and are invigilated.

The Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) is based on UK pre-registration standards. OSCE is a practical exam in a simulated scenario. There will be no real patients in an OSCE – only mannequins and actors. A clinical situation that nurses commonly encounter is created ad questions are asked based on assessments, planning and treatment. An individual entering the UK to take a nursing role has up to three months (12 weeks) from the employment start date noted on the certificate of sponsorship to sit the OSCE exam. During this period, they can be legally employed as a pre-registration 


candidate. Applicants must complete the OSCE in the UK at one of the three approved test centres.

At GHS, we make every effort to ensure that you are matched to the right hospital and location, taking into account your expertise and their requirements. We are likely to be successful, but it may be a while before vacancies come up in the particular hospital of your choice. This would mean a delay in your ability to start a career in UK.

GHS has strong links within the NHS and our training programme has been designed to provide you with the very best opportunity to gain employment. Whilst there is no formal guarantee, we believe our energy and enthusiasm puts you in a very good position to succeed.

As a nurse in the NHS, you will be rewarded with an initial Band 5 Staff Nurse salary. This is in the range of £22,128 to £28,746 per annum, depending on where you live and work in the UK.

Yes, there is a significant shortage of nurses in England, according to latest NHS data.

Working in the NHS as an overseas nurse, you are likely be given an initial three-year contract. This gives you the financial security you need to move and live in the UK. 

There may be shorter term contracts available, for example working in Care Homes or Nursing Homes.

In addition to the GHS pastoral care programme, hospitals provide a comprehensive induction programme, aiding your transition into life in the UK.

Every overseas nurse working in the NHS will have a standard working week of 37.5 hours, affording you a good work-life balance. However, if you want to work extra hours, you will be rewarded with pay enhancements for every hour of overtime you work.

The NHS offers some of the best paid holidays of any career in the UK. As a new overseas nurse, you will get 27 paid days every year. In addition, you will also be paid for eight bank holiday days each year.

Upon successful work placement, you will receive an initial three-year visa with the option to extend after completion as long as you maintain the level of standards required.

The NHS offers one of the most comprehensive pension schemes in the UK. As a new NHS nurse, you will be automatically enrolled from day one.

Yes, your airfare to the UK is covered.

Just before the end of the 3 month period, GHS will contact you and offer assistance in finding alternative accommodation. We have links with landlords who we can put you in touch with. Rest assured these landlords have been vetted by GHS.

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