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At GHS, we are promoting products which lead to a healthier and safer environment.

As our journey progressed in recruitment, training and placement of nurses we were continually being asked about healthcare products that can support the provison of healthcare.

At GHS we make every effort that any products we market have gone through our panel of doctors to ensure they promote a safer way of working as well as enhance patient care.

Home Fetal Heart Monitor

We have partnered with leading suppliers of Smart Fetal Heart Rate Monitor that allows a pregnant mother to be able to do a Fetal heart monitoring test at home and share the report with the Doctor. The accuracy of the device is within 1 beat per minute as compared to a hospital CTG machine.

The product is approved by CE/bsi as well as by FDA.

We at GHS are promoting the concept of increased online sessions for pregnancy care post Covid. Digital when possible, physical only when necessary!

This device is not intended to replace obs care but is to complement the care.

EPI-NO Natural Childbirth Preparation Device

We have looked at products which can assist to help help pregnant women strengthen and stretch their pelvic floor muscles to prepare for a normal delivery with minimal damage to the perineum. One such device is EPI-NO. Please find below a video explaining the use of EPI-NO along with some prenatal yoga exercises as looking after yourself during your pregranancy is paramount.

Natural Antiseptic & Antibacterial Solution

Sanify (powered by Biosan) is a completely natural advanced antiseptic and disinfectant that kills 99.999% of bacteria. Sanify replicates natural particles created by our immune system in order to eradicate invasive organisms and fight infections.

  • – Organic
  • – No Alcohol
  • – Moisturises
  • – Made in the UK
  • – Works in just 10 seconds
  • – Vegan
  • – FDA Approved
  • – Halal Certification Europe certifies BIOSAN products conformed to Halal requirements in accordance with Islamic laws.

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