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An opportunity to gain expertise and experience

Aside from gaining exposure and expertise of different healthcare systems, you will have the opportunity to work in a multicultural environment serving people from all backgrounds and cultures. You will often find all the comforts of home in your local communities, which makes transitioning abroad an easy and exciting process.

There are countries such as the UK which is a very popular destination to settle with excellent schools, free healthcare system and an opportunity to grow and realise your ambitions.

At GHS we recognise that you have ambitions, career aspirations and belief of wanting to give something back. It is our goal, at GHS to support you in achieving this

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Why GHS?

GHS is unique in its approach in being supportive from the time of expression of interest to settling into the first placement in the UK and beyond. Professional and pastoral mentoring support is available on a one to one basis at all stages of the process.

  1. Guidance with individual needs for preparation to pass the required exams
  2. VISA and registration with NMC – once placement is confirmed in the UK, GHS offers full assistance in obtaining Tier 2 VISA. Tier 2 VISA is a work Visa that is needed for immigration of a skilled applicant to work in UK as a Doctor, Nurse or any other health care professional.
  3. Full assistance in travel arrangements, initial meet and greet service on arrival.
  4. 3 months accommodation.
  5. Continued advice and sign posting to ensure fitness for practice is in place until annual placement appraisal is conducted.

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